I am a PhD student in Accounting at Aalto University School of Business here in Helsinki, Finland. Recently I have worked as an analyst in the private equity industry. My special academic interests include: economics; organizational theory; market process, entrepreneurship; and political science. I have been asked on occasion to deliver papers and presentations to organizations in Finland.

This website contains my opinions, articles, and publications. In 2014 I co-authored a publication of Libera Think Tank discussing about free trade and its policy implications. Since 2008 I have written my own blog which was recognized by Cision as top ten Finnish economic blogs. The archive of my selected writings is available in the Finnish section.

Some people associate themselves with communities and organizations. Too often formalities and hierarchies lose their fundamental idea, becoming absolute values and uniting individuals that way. I find it easier to associate with ends and explanations. For example free society with an emphasis on individual responsibility would seem a moral virtue to me, as well as a basis for wealth creation. However, it’s also a spark for an intellectual adventure. Great ideas are a source of motivation. They are a way to find meaning in everyday occasions and bring consistency in life. That’s mostly what my website is about. When there is an idea in everything, life will be more rewarding.

If my website raised any thoughts, if you want to leave feedback or ask something, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Preferrable channels are Facebook, LinkedIn and recently also Twitter. More traditionally you can send me email to thomastaussi(at)