I am a full-time PhD candidate and researcher
at Aalto University School of Business, at the Department of Accounting.
Also, I work as an investment research analyst
with the management team of EduImpact Venture Capital.


Thomas Taussi

Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration (Accounting)

Helsinki, Finland.

Born on 6.12.1991 in Kotka, Finland.


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My professional emphasis lies on management accounting and control systems that are used to comprehensively implement and revise strategies in organizations. Capital budgeting, corporate governance and financial statement analysis also constitute a notable part of my knowledge. I started my academic career straightly after graduation in 2016. I have conducted most of my accounting-related doctoral courses in Swedish and Norwegian universities, covering themes such as cost and performance management, theorizing and modelling, and inter-organizational accounting.

In research I am specializing in enterprise-wide risk management. I will write more about that on a dedicated page later. Together with management accounting, these approaches go beyond numbers and examine the various ways accounting techniques are used to deal with ambiguity, shape and make sense of contextual organizational realities – not to forget their potential to foster action. My recent teaching duties cover supervision of bachelor’s thesis seminars. This task suits me well as it enables to mobilize academic and tacit knowledge very broadly. It is also intensive teamwork that constantly introduces new and interesting opportunities to share and gain new insights.


I used to work in private sector alongside with my studies. To be precise, my first student job was to recruit members for the Finnish Taxpayers’ Association. Since then, further tasks covered both external and internal sides of accounting. As a finance assistant at Cosco Shipping Lines Finland I gained rich hands-on experience of multiple coexisting accounting information systems and problem solving in an international joint venture setting. As a private equity analyst at Taaleri I designed and updated spreadsheet valuation models of existing funds and potential new investments. Furthermore, I also gained more qualitative insights on investment proposals and decision-making processes. Additionally, I have also conducted smaller miscellaneous website and graphical design projects.

I received my master’s degree in accounting from Aalto University School of Business in 2016. In my master’s thesis I studied the way how management control systems were used in a complex private equity fund setting throughout its life cycle, to define and articulate strategic plans, align investor and other stakeholder interests and also retain sufficient flexibility. My minor studies include finance and an exchange semester at WU (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien) in Vienna. I have also taken courses on strategic management, economics, enterprise information systems, open innovations and communications to name some. I have also spent a considerable amount of time studying economics, philosophy and business as a pastime hobby.

Being entertained by thoughts is an inseparable part of me. Beyond my particular studies and expertise, I love to gain knowledge and apply different frameworks to understand and discuss about human interaction, economy and society. For example, in 2014 I wrote an essay on the theories of free trade and economic order that was published in a booklet by Libera foundation. I am excited to meet new people, bounce and reflect ideas. Do not hesitate to contact me via some of the channels above!